Heating textile

heatable textile
Warmth and comfort
at the push
of a button


Our heating textile is extraordinary for several reasons. We have accomplished what numerous research institutes, colleges, and universities have been researching for years.

Different from other heating textiles, the Browatech heating textile is only run in the low-voltage range of up to 60V and it does not lose performance even if partially damaged. It is also operated in the PTC-method and it consists of high-resistance polypropylene instead of carbon, commonly used in other heating textiles. This is why the Browatech textile is 100% recyclable! Moreover, it can be produced in huge sections over several square meters in size.

Interior and exterior application:

  • in the construction industry: e.g., flooring, walls, wall coverings, paintings, mirrors,
  • in the transport industry as a 3D-component in interior linings and as flexible parts for automotive, aircraft, and caravaning,
  • in the pipeline construction and special machine construction,
  • in the furniture industry to heat mattresses, seats, desks, and benches,
  • in horticulture, e.g. to heat seedbeds

Your advantages

Apart from massive savings in heating costs of up to 80%, other advantages are a healthier life without electric smog and increased humidity of +5% compared to traditional heating systems, reduced dust turbulence, and mite excrement turbulence. In addition, you benefit from a homogenous temperature and a healthy infrared radiant heat.
Since 2019 the positive effects of our textile have been studied in a two-year research project of the Berlin Hermann-Rietschel-Institute, Berlin www.hri.tu-berlin.de.

Cooperation partners

The heating textile was developed and patented in cooperation between the companies Jahn GmbH & Co. KG and Browatech GmbH & Co. KG

It has already been applied in the areas of caravaning, acoustics, aircraft, churches, heatable mattresses, and as a compound material in general.

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The church Lindenkirche in Berlin-Wilmersdorf – a reference object

We are especially proud to have provided substantial energy and financial savings for the Protestant church community Lindenkirche in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The utilization of our heating textile, e.g., in the seat cushions of the benches, in the seats of the choir singers, and even behind the antependium saves heating costs of roughly 80% per month. This money can now be invested instead of literally being burnt for heating empty airspace. Through the Protestant church community, Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Oberlausitz, another 1,400 churches are already in line to install the textile.