Who is Browatech –
From a small Upper Franconian company to an international business partner of world market leaders


Mario Browa,
owner and
managing director

In my earlier career as a division manager in special machine construction for textiles, I was responsible for the assembly and the whole process including the installation of the machines at the customer’. Through the private inquiry of a plant breeding company, I started to deal with the special issue and challenges of this industry and developed the Tech-Drainage layer. This marked the start of my company, Browatech GmbH & Co.KG, in 2016. In less than 3 years, we developed from the gardening niche into an internationally operating company in technical textiles. We truly pioneer and together with You, we develop solutions for your technical and industrial challenges by upgrading your products with new and future-oriented functions. For this very reason, we counteract global climate change effects.

Why do we do this? As a father of two, the future of the coming generations is very close to my heart, privately and also in my business. I am convinced that it is our duty to leave the world in the best possible conditions for our children and grandchildren. To make this happen, we have to act NOW. This is why it is my inner desire to develop future-oriented and environmentally friendly products.

I joined Browatech in 2019 and became the right hand of Mr Browa. My scope of duties reaches from daily operations and the support of our contractual partners to business negotiations and the general substitution of Mario Browa.
With a Master certification in linguistics, I have been able to use my language skills as a lecturer as well as an employee in international companies. Several years ago, I took the decision to break new ground and became self-employed. Since then, I have been establishing global networks in the field of body and energy. I never imagined returning to employment until I met Mario Browa. He and his company are extraordinarily forward-looking, not only in business but also in its treatment of and appreciation towards their employees and partners. Here, a different mind, humanity and genuinely future-oriented and environmentally-friendly innovation is not just a trite slogan but lived reality. That is why I am delighted to be part of this team and to support our corporate philosophy behind the scenes and in front.joined 


Bernadette Jahn,
assistant to managing director