Browatech – a young north-Bavarian company.

It provides innovative technical textile solutions for a future-oriented and environmentally friendly building sector.

In less than 3 years, Browatech has developed into an internationally operating company in the field of technical textiles with two globally successful patents. First out was a unique heating textile, already successfully implemented in acoustics, caravaning, aircraft, and households.

The second patent is an exceptional drainage textile that provides water detention for green roof systems and gardening, thus adding stormwater management functionality. Browatech closely collaborates with the world’s biggest and trusted green-roof companies, whose Detention Roof has already been installed throughout the world

Browatech innovation is possible because:

  • we have a clear mission and values,
  • we focus on goals and solutions,
  • we attend to details and the highest quality,
  • we have a visionary mindset,

Our successful professional career is a testimony to our customers.

Cooperation partners

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Our versatile Tech-Drainage is the key feature of the world’s smartest green-roof system, a climate adaptation tool for a resilient future world.

The rapidly changing climate requires smart water management. To tackle this issue, we have cooperated with the world’s leading green roof specialists. We have been able to improve the performance and functionality of traditional green roofs to transform them into true stormwater management tools. We have created an improved green roof 2.0. that prevents floodings after heavy rainfalls and still comes with all the traditional secondary benefits of a common green roof.


Heating textile

„Heating textile? – My grandma’s got a heating blanket and my car a seat heating, but what’s innovative about that?” If these or similar questions occur to you, you have not yet come across Browatech’s heating textile.”

Imagine you cut your heating costs by 80% because you can abandon your old-fashioned water-based heating system, which predominantly heats empty air space and is thus to be regarded very critically from an environmental point of view.

Also, imagine abandoning radiators entirely because you can heat via your wall through a beautiful painting, a mirror, or a carpet.

Imagine if, in winter, the snow in your driveway or on your terrace automatically melted due to a heatable foot mat? Without annoying snow shoveling.

These are just some benefits and possible applications of the innovative heating textile.